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Faery Woman of Wickenden

In Providence is a street named Wickenden....on this street dwells a Faery of the pure strain....hers is the blood of pharoahs and priestesses of olde....she awaits the call....

The Faery Woman of Wickenden is a one of a kind, full body sculpture .

She ponders the book of Wickenden Magic of Winter.....

Her gorgeous silk and polymer wings are carefully painted with pigments veined in gold and beaded at the tips with sparkling glass .

She is clothed in vintage grey lace with colour applied here there.....and she wears a faery cuff to match at one delicate ankle...the cuff and bodice are accented with the tiniest of Swarovsky rhinestone crystals ( known for their sparkling brilliance surpassed only by genuine diamonds)

her sleeves are long to the wrist with delicate strands of silver running through the dark loden green..

Her headdress is of amethyst stones surrounded by silver and gold tiny beads and at her throat is a neckpiece of Russian charoite.

At the faerys feet lies a very special antique beaded carpet.

She sits 5 and one half inches high, eight inches to the tip of the extended wing.

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