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Whysp of Avalon

Deep in the Forests of Avalon.....the wind whispers.......

Whysp of Avalon is a one of a kind sculpture

She rests upon an exquisite sculpted mushroom , created just for her... hiding underneath is a morrell mushroom and "moss".

Her wondrous silk and polymer wings are carefully painted with pigments veined in silver tipped with sparkles .

She is dressed in leave petals of a wonderful satin fabric i found that has "shots" of the tiniest metal sparkles, i fell in love with it! Her sleeves are puffed,and her bodice is painted and draped with vintage gold mesh.

Pearl strings hold her lustrous platinum hair up. And her faery shoes appear to dangle from her hand (although they are attached to the mushroom)

the entire peice measures ten and one half inches

available sculpture in gallery one




visa/mc accepted

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