Faery of the Solstice

the Faery of the Solstice is one of a kind.

She slumbers resplendent in vintage lace upon a twig chaise.

Her lustrous red hair is of mohair (sheared from the goat leaving the animal alive to grow another coat ) which i have hand dyed and gathered in a seed beaded band at her crown.

She has very delicate antique lace at her bodice, studded with the tiniest Swarovsky crystals to enhance the embroidery....

Her wings are of liquid polymer and wire ...i have painted them with metallic powders and added shards of genuine peridot crystal

Supporting her tiny body is a pillow of vintage silk and fringe.....and she wears a "faery sandal" of rainbow thread...

the piece is about 6 and one half inches in height....the faery would measure about 9 inches if standing.... 

available sculpture in gallery one




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Kathy Jensen