Sentimental Journey Faery is One of a kind, sculpted

of durable fine quality polymer clay.

She is Six and one half inches to the top of her wing, seated.

She is resplendent in antique laces, velvet leaves, organza and a faery cuff.

Her halo is of tiny glass beads and berries, accenting her beautifully sculpted and detailed pointed delicate faery ears.

At her delicate neck is draped antique moss green netting.

Her trunk is mosaic and grouted in black. I will finish it inside and put opened photos up when the grout cures. ( a day or two, thanks!)it will contain a few goodies and will be lined extravagantly.

Her butterfly wings are handpainted fabric, delicately veined and tipped with glimmer. these are wired for strength and poseability and have a fine organza covering giving them a true butterfly wing feel and look.



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Kathy Jensen