"Flight of the Rose"



Flight of the Rose is one of a kind specially

created ...

She stands 15 inches high from the base

and can even be positioned appearing to be in flight!

She is dressed in vintage lace with an underskirt

of organza shot with tiny silver dots.

Her wide waistband and bow are of very delicate

moss green ribbon. At her hip and arms are pink

silk rose petals .Her faery cuff and bodice are studded

with the most delicate and tiny Swarovsky crystals.

This faerys wings are of silk, printed and handpainted

in soft pink and moss green with a tiny wire and detailed with

silver, covered also with organza.

She wears a gold headband over soft fine platinum hair.

The base is of wood surrounded with metasserie glass tiles of soft purple and green mosaic, with a faery circle of genuine raspberry garnet shards.

supporting the faery is a peice of driftwood enhanced with faery dust.

all natural products were processed, heat treated and sealed.

So enchanting!....come fly!.....



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Kathy Jensen