"Faery Dreams in the Land of Nigh

Faery Dreams in the Land of Nigh is a One of a kind pure sculpt....of most durable quality polymer clay. the tiniest baby faery is nestled in the heart of the driftwood and is adorned with a bead sash, swaddled in antique metallic lace with a cap of genuine lepidolite crystal shards. Resting beneath the baby is a lovely redheaded fae with gold organza wings, drapings of lovely vintage silk and cuff and collar of antique lace studded with tiny swarovsky crystals . The uppermost faery has a faery sandal on her right foot of lace, crystal and shell . Her wings of polymer are of a stained frosted glass effect. She is draped in ethereal fabrics and findings mostly vintage. At her forehead is an oval of abalone. The base is encrusted with winding paths of abalone shell, the underneath being padded for protection of your surfaces.. the full piece measures 19 inches high



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Kathy Jensen

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