"Milan...Sister of the Moon"


the Spirit of the Milan is the

female embodiment of the sister of the Moon.

she is an elegant , full body

sculpt........with a bodice of exquisite vintage lace

with a gold twine about

her waist.......adorning her hair,is a band

of the same metallic gold lace

studded with a soft taupe mother of pearl

gem and Swarovsky crystals

she wears a faery sandal of lace and gold also

adorned with crystals and "shot" with light golden accents

Her braid is caught with a golden strand

and her wings are of black and burnished red feathers

She ascends into the light from a base of genuine Mt Ida

Quartz crystal clusters with accents of frosted sea


Her sleeves and skirt trail behind her in a cloud of

organza and golden sparkles

This piece measures 14 inches including the base.







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Kathy Jensen