"Midwinter Slumber"



Midwinter Slumber is one of a kind and rests embraced

by the crescent moon.

the moon is crafted of wood, handpainted and "frosted"

in a manner that it appears illuminated from the inside.

This faery is 10 inches long with the whole piece measuring

16 inches .

Her head rests peacefully on a very special twin Quartz crystal.

The lovely faery is not permanently attached to her moon base

therefore she can rest in any variety of settings you may choose.,

Her ash blonde hair is adorned with a wreath of tiny grapevine

curls, rosebuds and leaves and is touched by frost.

her skirt is of aubergine velvet trimmed at the hem in deep purple

beading. Also of the velvet are her sleeves, gathered at the length.

Gathering the skirt at her hips are vintage pressed velvet flower petals

deep and rich in color and variety..At her bodice are trims of sheer black

with the very tiniest of silver beads i have ever found.

This faerys wings are of wisps of brown ostrich feather, very full.

Her fully detailed hands and feet are adorned with black mesh and a 'faery

sandal. and her arms are slightly adjustable.



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Kathy Jensen