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Aqua Oracle

Abalone Myst

Sea Dream

more views of Sea Dream




Serene is one of a kind and measures 5 and one half inches

high and 11 inches long including the base.

She rests on a collage of shells from the beaches of

California..Florida and Rhode Island ( many thanks to

family and friends!)

Scattered here and there are also crystals of Citrine

and Tourmaline bringing balance and fortune!

At Serenes throat is a collar of painted pewter.... her bodice

and cuff are of delicate antique silverglass beads.

Serene's tail is delicately painted moss green with soft shading

of aubergine at the tip.....with very narrow pewter veining.



slumbering mer

Mystic Slumber

> slumbering mer


Shores of Avalon

Shores of Avalon mermaid

Shores of Avalon mermaid

Shores of Avalon mermaid

Siren Slumber

Siren is the first in a series of 5 similar sculptures. She has a very soft shell pink body that is handpainted. Her tail fin is of coral feathers and she has an antique lace overlaid bodice trimmed with Swarovsky crystals. She has a tiny star fish on the band at her hairline. She rests in an abalone shell from the West Coast (thanks Joyce!)

Siren Slumber mermaid

Siren Slumber mermaid


Niagara mermaid

Niagara mermaid

All images and designs are copyrighted by Kathy Jensen and may not be borrowed or used in any way without her permission.

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