Majyk rests on a bed of moss and moonstone

with two orbs of seer crystal, the larger

being of genuine quartz.(from a very special crystal person)

She is seven inches in height and is draped in

a skirt of soft grey silk sculpted velvet, with an organza

belt studded with glitter.

her bodice is of vintage moss green lace with epaulets of

aquamarine and leopard .

she wears a faery cuff on each ankle of fringe with lepidolite shards.

her wings are of ostrich and partridge.

at her crown is tatted lace "inlaid with aquamarine shards

Moonstone brings balance, emphasising the feminine and intuition.

Aquamarine is also a stone of balance, with courage and spiritual awareness.

.....she is majyk forever....



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Kathy Jensen