"Grape Leaf Urchin Faery"



the Grape Leaf Urchin is one of a kind specially

created entirely by hand using no molds whatsoever....

She measures only four and one half inches curled

up on her polymer sculpted hand painted grape leaf.

Her clothing is of very old rare gold mesh tied

with a silken cord, and her wings are of organza,

tipped with lepidolite crystal shards and sing-ed (burned) on the

edges from flying too close the sun, very tricky business

especially with the active flares these days!!

the veins are painted with metallic gold.

Her long hair is tied with narrow silk ribbon and

banded at the forehead with tiny pearls with an antique

wound wire ornament.

She wears a glass bead baby anklet and has 3 swarosky.

crystal ear studs in each lobe of her delicately pointed ears.



visa/mc accepted

Phone 315-392-5586

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Kathy Jensen