Forest Shekinah

the Forest Shekina is one of a kind (pure sculpt)

and gently holds a butterfly that has landed in her realm.

she is seated on driftwood i have coaxed into a throne for

her, incorporating sea glass mosaic at the base, a beautiful Quartz crystal orb,

and tiny birds...

she is dressed in vintage sheer silk with drapings in a

variety of textures and wings of the softest coral feathers.

At her crown are shards of tourmaline surrounding a moonstone


She wears a faery sandal on one delicately scultped foot with genuine charoite shards and a necklace and bracelets of the same.

the faery measures 9 inches from head to toe seated, and can be removed from the base to display as you like....the base is 11 and one half inches high.



visa/mc accepted

Phone 315-392-5586


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Kathy Jensen