"Faery Slumber in Avalon"

Faery Slumber in Avalon is of course a one of a kind, pure sculpt of the finest of durable polymer clays, handpainted and highly detailed. She rests on a pillow of vintage satin velvet in midnight blue with tiny embroidered flowers subtley etched in black, in the background reminiscent of the midnight sky. the pillow, resplendent with beading, is supported by a twig stool embellished with green glass and silver banding. The Faery herself is draped at the hip in a very sheer antique gold mesh with fringe adding to her dropped waistband. Her sleeves are of lace leaves i have painted with hints of color. Her wings are of polymer and wire and handpainted with fine powders that give a mother of pearl effect, the veins being tipped with the tiniest of silver orbs, clustered together. Her dark lustrous hair is pulled back and fastened with a luminescent pink bead showing her delicately sculpted pointed ears, each studded with a tiny Swarovsky crystal earring. Her tiny nails have the palest of pink polish and her silver slippers are pointed just as the wize beings of olde wore. Upon each slipper is a flower droplet of genuine charoite shards. Charoite is a stone for transformation and being "in the now", enhancing generousity, and opening the heart chakra to loving vision and unity ( a loose summary of Melody's book "Love is in the Earth")



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Kathy Jensen

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