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Displayed on this page are faerys that are sold and/or in private collection.

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Kathy Jensen

sentimental Journey Faery

whysp of Avalon

Faery Slumber in Avalon

...Wings... Sold

Faery Baby of Earth n Sea


Slumber in Glass (SOLD)


Elfangel Ylbi

Elfangel Ylbi is sold

Avalon Skye

Grape Leaf Urchin Faery

Faery Baby of the Crystal Wood

Butterfly Slumber Faery

Phoenix Rising

Midsummer Nights Faery Dream

Maiden of the Blue Moon

Dyndaine, Elven woman of the Grail Quest

Starphire.....faery of the Grail

Faery Quien

Wing-ed Slumber

Shadoe Faery

Faerie Baby


Faery of a Different Season

Ylbi...... Faery Woman of the Albi-Gens




Photograph courtesy of Parker-Hudson Digital Imaging( private collection)

Gypsy is a flambouyant being dressed in antique turqoise chiffon with metallic silver swirls running through the delicate fabric. At her waist is a dropped band of purple. She has a hint of peacock feathers for wings and a wonderful crystal shard. Her hem is wired to hold the swirl in her skirt. She is a full body sculpt with handpainted eyes and at her feet are tourmaline shards for prosperity. .

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To order or for more information : CLICK

Kathy Jensen

Phone 315-392-5586

To order or for more information : CLICK

Kathy Jensen


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