"Dreamspinner Faery"



the Dreamspinner faery is one of a kind ...

she stands 14 and one half inches herself....16 and one half inches

if you include the base and the tips of her wings

At her crown chakra is a genuine vintage mother of pearl

cabochon, this is significant of a type of meditation attending the rising sun.

her breastplate consists of blue rhinestones interconnected, with tiny chains

wrapped round and fastened at the dropped hip of her skirt.

the gown material is a wonderful soft shimmery rainbow color with tiny

sequins creating almost a mermaid effect. am trying to get a good shot

of this for you. at her lovely ankle is a "faery sandal" with tiny blue beads

Her wings appear as velvety as a real butterfly, i have crafted these of

linen fabric and organza and have added shimmers of black, silver and purple hues...they are lovely and translucent when backlit, also...

Her cuffs are of vintage mink collar.



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Kathy Jensen