"the Faery of Dragonwood"





the Faery of Dragonwood is one of a kind and rests dreamily

on a funky throne i have fashioned from driftwood and curly twigs.

the throne measure 9 inches to the top of the pearl

and the faery measures 6 and one half inches from her raised forearm

to the tip of her toes.

Embellishing the throne are bits of amethyst, moonstone,shell, pearl, and rare fabric "moss" that looks real !

She is of course dressed in the finest of antique laces studded at the bodice in the tiniest Swarovsky crystals available, and bare at the midriff.

at her hip i have placed a shell with three genuine cultured pearls and she wears my faery cuff of lace and Swarovsky crystals at her delicately turned ankle, with one silver toe ring.

Her tiny fingernails and toenails are polished and delicately real looking.

the faerys lustrous hair is of the finest and cleanest mohair, sheared from the goat, leaving the wonderful animal happily to grow another coat for the winter. i have gathered her locks into a tiny ribbon of moss green organza, showing off her tiny pointed faery ears..

the pearl is significant of wisdom and purity...

Moonstone brings balance, emphasising the feminine and intuition.

Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and contentment, and Quoting Melody bestows" the perfect peace which was present prior to birth."



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Kathy Jensen