Faery of a Different Season

The Ylbimoth appeared a few nights ago.....the moon being mere slivers from full.... i was walking with Isis....listening to the branches breaking from the rack of the buck who was moving away from our intrusion.....

If i had not just experienced the swing from fall to winter, i could not have guessed the season....as if nature had created a whole new one, a bit cool, but with a balmy feel, belying winters inevitable approach...a different season.... the Ylbi Moth rests one of a kind on a nest atop a twig tripod covered with lichen that i have preserved.

Her red hair is adorned with an organza rose surrounded with the tiniest of pearls and moss swarovsky crystals.

She wears a faery cuff and findings of all different kinds and is slightly poseable.

Her beautiful moth wings are soft blue and purple studded also with moss swarovsky crystals, very brilliant.

the entire piece is 5 inches high and the ylbimoth is 4 inches long..


available sculpture in gallery one




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Kathy Jensen