"Faery of the Avalon Moon"




The Faery of the Avalon Moon emerges

fully formed within 3 days of the new moon

when such appears as a sickle, or an opened egg...

this i term "an Avalon moon", when

the waxing gibbous brings promise of renewal, fulfillment

and blessing

This faery is one of a kind, sculpted of polymer

clay and dressed in flowing celadon metallic fabric

vintage lace studded with Swarovski crystals.

She wears a faery sandal of olde metallic thread, and her

Headband is of antique embroidered silk flowers and paisleys.

her dropped waistband is of beaded fringe.

She is seated next to the mosaic egg upon a burled peice of

driftwood, the entire peice being 9 inches high (including faery)

by 14 inches long.

Her wings are of delicate lace of purples and greens.

the inside of the egg is very celestial with raspberry garnet and lepidolite

crystals within.



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Kathy Jensen