Wynter of Atlantys is one of a kind (pure sculpt)

in honor of the new discovery of Atlantis off the coast of Cyprus!.

She stands on a base of seaglass, shells and pearls "grouted "with

white gold and embellished with tesserae tiles.

Her clothing is resplendent with snow white organza, tiny opalescent sparkles

and sheer fringe.

Her platinum straight hair is covered in a sculpted cap of white leaves

with tiny genuine cultured pearls.

A faery sandal adorns one delicately sculpted foot and she is slightly posable in the upper arms and legs. 

Her sheerest of wings are of organza, sing-ed at the tips from flying too close

the solstice sun.

In this age when legends are coming true, this faery whispers of our

hope in each other, ourselves, the future and kindness to all.



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Phone 315-392-5586


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Kathy Jensen