Aqua Oracle

Aqua oracle is one of a kind , sculpted in polymer

clay...........she rests on a conch shell painted in

faux copper verdigree as is her lovely fanned

elaborately adorned tailfin............her bodice is of

antique lace and the tiniest of pearl glass beads

which also are gathered in the veins of her tail

Aqua's neckpiece is handbeaded of tiny copper beads

with inlays of genuine aquamarine shards.

Aquamarine is a stone of courage and sheilds the

aura.......enhances connection to your higher self........

a stone of compassion and purity of communication

in this new era.

these stones also edge the "waves " on the base of the piece..

amd genuine cultured pearls of wisdom and purity

adorne the peaks of the shells

at her 7th chakra.

this piece is 8 inches in length and 5 inches

in height.


All images and designs are copyrighted by Kathy Jensen and may not be borrowed or used in any way without her permission.

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